Our team is actively and extensively scouting, prospecting and vetting new ventures in undiscovered innovation clusters in emerging markets around the world.

Who We Are

Business Architects
We work in concert with entrepreneurs and technologists to create strong companies by leveraging our unique competence in the commercialization of early stage science, technology & innovation.

Multinational Prospectors & Educators
We actively scout for and participate in vetting new ventures, as well as educating entrepreneurs, in undiscovered or underserved innovation clusters in the emerging markets.

Portfolio Managers
True practitioners, with a depth of experience in venture funds, corporate venture organizations, and professional angel groups.

High-Finance S&T Experts
We traverse sectors including energy, IT, telecommunications, media, security, business services, medical devices and e-commerce sectors.

Unique Perspective
 We bring clarity to identifying and defining the opportunity so that we may structure an informed and actionable access strategy for corporate, financial and government clients.