Overthrow Your Mind
Unique brand stories, attitudes, associations, experiences, beliefs, honesty.
By now, it’s no secret that brand is more than a logo, some typography, a color palette, and a photography style. Brands are a part of our individual lives. A brand experience should be soulful, not a generic exchange of information. Cut, paste, and brand images are a snippet of a brand story that stops at the fork in the road. Your customers choose which path to take and how the story continues.
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conceptual thinking
We’re human beings with full lives, dreams, desires, rich memories, and stories. Good brands know how to entwine associations into those stories.
What I am looking for are adjectives
In High School I didn't know who John Coltrane was
Be Brave love what you do tell stories be
Art for The Brand Therapy Book
by Fabian Geyrhalter, Founder of Finien. Book and 18 x 18 posters available here.
Bombay Sapphire  Stir Creativity
Brand therapy image one
Brand Therapy Image Two